Yes, I can hear you asking (and feel my team members despair), how can you name a robot Robert?

C'mon, seriously? Robert is an awesome name for a robot! But besides the awesomeness, there's actually a story behind it as well. No, I didn't say it was a good one, but I've got your attention anyway, so you'll read it whether you like it or not.

I actually can't take credit for the name, my chinese roommate Wuyang was the unvoluntary creator. We were discussing potential names for the creature when a freudian slip made the pronounciation of "robot" turn into something that closely resembled "Robert". And it kinda stuck.

Boom, ta-da, done! That's how hard it is. Total energy spent in the process probably in the order of a M&M, and it took us ~45s and a laugh. And it's still far more awesome than Renesmee.

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