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Shotguns and terminators out of stock and budget, three students from Eurecom try to stay ahead of the game in the war against the machines by building their own killer robots. With lego.

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All code is open sourced and can be browsed on GitHub:

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The Project

The project is a semester assignment in an OS class, with the goal of building a robot capable of playing a hybrid game of tennis/volleyball/slaughterhouse, on this field:

The details of the game can be read here, but the tl;dr version is as follows:

There will be a final tournament sometime in February, in two parts: A 1vs1 and a maybe 2vs2 part (!).

The Team

We are three members in the project group: Tarjei Husoy, Kjell Braden and Damien Roeder.

We first met during several afternoons to discuss the first strategy and imagine a simple and clever architecture for our robot. When the structure was mostly finalized, Tarjei built the website while Kjell and Damien tested the sensors to get a sense of their accuracy and what we could achieve with them. Kjell then did the bulk of the coding and worked on some optimization, helped by Damien, while Tarjei documented the progress for the blog and gave some strategic advice.

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