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Shotguns and terminators out of stock and budget, three students from Eurecom try to stay ahead of the game in the war against the machines by building their own killer robots. With lego.

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All code is open sourced and can be browsed on GitHub:

This Is It

Just in time for his two-month birthday, we prepared a video to show you how much lil' Bobby has grown.

Polishing the Strategy

More secret details on our winning strategy for next week's competition.

Robot Badass Strategy

We're getting pretty close to the end of the project, so how about a quick summary of our neutralizing gaming strategy?

Here comes the Hotstepper

A small first-look of how the navigation is at the moment.

Anal expulsiveness

We are now communicating with Robert, but he's a rebellious young punk who doesn't want to acknowledge his creators.

What I want for Christmas

A small to-do list before Christmas holidays.

By any other name

The story behind the name.

His name is Robert Paulson

Behold, he's got a name!